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Hi friends, it's Sophie! Today, I decided to tell you about the new Fifa 18 hack that all the guys on this planet have waited with great impatience. Do not think that boys are the only ones to play Fifa, I play very often with my brother! 🙂I guess you're not here by chance and you're looking for a trick to get FUT points and free FUT credits . If that's the case, you could not fall better! Discover the method of cheating Fifa 18 that we put in place by clicking on the button below to access the generator at fifa 18 coin generator!

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Presentation and new features on Fifa 18

Like most sports games, it takes a lot of training to get a good level on Fifa 18. However, we notice again the importance of credits and FUT points for progression in the game. disposing in large quantities have no doubt a significant advantage.

To reach a good level, you will have to train tirelessly and to face opponents of good level. Initially, you risk losing a lot of games. Do not forget that it is by forging that you become a blacksmith! Perseverance always ends up paying.

I decided to search the internet for the new version 2018. This year, we can play the famous sports game on the Nintendo Switch, in addition to the PS3, PS4, xBox One, PC and also the iOS version in Androïd! The new console is a little less powerful than its competitors, the game will have a little different features of fifa 18 ultimate team hack points ... We are still in a hurry to try!

See you this year, still improving graphics! Player avatars become even more realistic. They now have their own characteristics and styles of play. Shots from afar, dribbling has been improved. The atmosphere of the stadium also becomes more and more realistic (joy, tifos and flag). It's like being at the stadium🙂

Adventure mode is expected at the turn. Alex Hunter does not know or give head in the transfer market ... The developers, in an ad, said they have worked a lot and improve this game for the pleasure of all with fifa 18 free coins.

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